Martin J. Steinbach (
Research interests:  I study oculomotor function in patients having surgical or pharmacological treatment of strabismus.  Pre and post-treatment measures provide insights as to the sources of information the brain uses to stay informed of the position of the eyes in the orbit. A second major focus of my research concerns the development of visual function in children who have had an eye removed early in life.  I compare the effects of total visual deprivation from enucleation with the partial deprivation and binocular competitive effects from strabismus, measuring psychophysical and oculomotor functions. We also study patients with macular degeneration, retraining their eye movements so that they learn to see with parts of their retina that still function.

Vision Science Research Program:  Dr. Steinbach is also the Director of the Vision Science Research Program. This is a joint University of Toronto/University Health Network program based at the Toronto Western Hospital.  The research carried out by the scientists at this site is concerned with the molecular genetics of blinding eye diseases, the biophysics and psychophysics of glaucoma, oculomotor control in normal and visually-disabled humans, as well as with experimental therapies for macular degeneration.  The program sponsors a number of graduate fellowships at the University of Toronto.  The funding is at MRC/NSERC levels and is for U of T graduate students whose dissertation projects are related to vision health.  For more information, visit the VSRP website  or  contact:

Janet Wong,

Vision Science Research Program,
Toronto Western Hospital Research Institute,
399 Bathurst Street,
6-304 Main Pavilion,
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2S8,

603-5270 (voice),
603-5126 (fax),  (e-mail).






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