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CVR Poster Instructions

HP5500ps Basic Facts:

  • 42” Wide x 100’ long roll of Heavy Coated Paper.
  • Six Dye Colour System (CMYK colour scheme).
  • Most print jobs take 45 minutes or less.  
  • Actual Print Size (41.99” High or Width x whatever is left on the roll).
  • Printer driver may be downloaded from to ensure proper formatting and pdf creation. 


Print Cost  =  Base rate + paper rate + colour rate**

**Approximate cost for a 48" x 42" poster is $70 for heavy colour coverage.



  • Here are a few pointers to ensure that your poster is printed properly:  
  • Please use CVR & York Logos on your poster.  Hi resolution graphics of these items can be found on the Links & Resources Section of the CVR Website
  • You should use a proper design package to create your poster, such as Canvas, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, etc.  PowerPoint is not designed for large format printing.  
  • Please convert your final copy to an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf).  
  • You must have a CVR logo on your poster
  • Please provide a budget number with your supervisor’s name and conference.  
  • Please indicate the final output size.    
  • Email or drop off your file to Bob Hou (, 0002B, LAS (Ext 66117)
  • Please ensure that either you have properly completed the CVR Poster Plotter Form or that the PI consents to cover the cost via email. 
  • Finished posters will be hung on in the hallway of 0010 LAS.


 If you have any questions please drop Bob an email or call.