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Biological Vision

CVR Research in biological vision encompasses a wide range of topics including interaction with other sensory systems, integration with motor systems, attention, memory and higher cognitive processes.  

Research ranges from fundamental issues in vision science to collaborative applied projects addressing issues in health science, 3D film, cockpit technologies, and interactive visual interfaces.   

Methods include psychophysics (visual and visuomotor tasks), physiological methods, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), evoked potentials, and computational modeling.  Facilities include a 3T fMRI scanner, a six-sided virtual reality room, and numerous ERP, TMS, and eye tracking facilities.


Adler, S.

Allison, R.

Bergevin, C.

Crawford, D.

DeSouza, J.

Elder, J.

Fallah, M.

Henriques, D.

Harris, L.

Henriques, D.

Hoffman, K.

Howard, I.

Murray, R.

Ono, H.             

Regan, D.         

Rivest, J.

Schneider, K.

Sergio, L.

Steeves, J.

Steinbach M.

Till, C.

Tsotsos, J.

Wilcox, L.

Wilkinson, F.

Wilson, H.