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About the CVR

Founded by Ian P. Howard in 1992, the Centre for Vision Research now comprises 33 research faculty, 7 research scientists, and 18 adjunct faculty.  Training new researchers is a major focus for the CVR:  our laboratories currently support the training of roughly 70 graduate students and 6 postdoctoral fellows.



The CVR Faculty Retreat, Eaton Hall in King City, June 29, 2006. From  left to right:  Ian Howard, Michael Jenkin, Fran Wilkinson, Laurence Harris, Hiroshi  Ono, Josee Rivest, Richard Wildes, Jennifer Steeves, Richard Hornsey,  Lauren Sergio, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Denise Henriques, Richard Murray,  Laurie Wilcox, Martin Steinbach, James Elder, Hugh Wilson, Doug  Crawford, John Tsotsos, Maz Fallah. Absent: Scott  Adler, Rob Allison, Jacob Beck, Christopher Bergevin, Michael Brown, Marcus Brubaker, Patrick Cavanagh, Joseph DeSouza, Ingo Fruend, Matthew Kyan, Richard Murray, Shayna Rosenbaum, Dale Stevens, Christine Till, Niko Troje, Graham Wakefield, Georg Zoidl